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Protection of Food against Intentional Damage

Food safety against also threats and fraud

The traditional work on food safety and quality has focused on risks that occur accidentally. Safety risks on food as a result of deliberate actions in order to make damage or to generate economic gain to the attacker have therefore usually not been taken into account.

New food safety guidelines, including GFSI, Global Food Safety Initiative, deal with global standards to reduce food fraud and the effects of threats. Working methods based on TACCP and VACCP are methods for preventing intentional acts in the form of eg. fraud and sabotage.

Objectives: The Food Act aims to ensure a high level of protection for human health and for consumer confidence in food. Food fraud is an established problem and food threats can cause great harm to public health and finances. All links in the food chain from raw material supplier, manufacturers, distributors and retailers are affected. The course gives you insights into new safety guidelines for foods, including GFSI.

Level: Supplementary, you should have worked in the area for some time.

Training Method: Protection of Food against Intentional Damage is a Module course and is studied over the internet via our e-learning platform Instant education. Read more about the training method here.

Course Length:Approximately 7 hours active study time.

Price: 78 EURO / student
87 USD / student

Prices excluding VAT.
For large-scale education projects request quotation.

Online price:

63 EURO / student
70 USD / student

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Course contents:

Food Supply
Access to food is a basic need for a society.

Global Food Standards
Certification of a company provides safer food throughout the flow chain.

Food Defence and Food Safety
The concept of food defence is about the effort to protect food from intentional acts of vandalism.

Special Protective Measures for Food
New food safety guidelines require methods for detecting fraud or reducing them.

Risk Assessment in Food Handling
Risk assessment is conducted with the purpose of defining control and preventive measures.

Critical Control Points according to TACCP
A methodology that facilitates for organizations to avoid or mitigate food threats throughout the food supply chain.

Assessment of Risks according to TACCP
Organizations need to understand the threats identified, but attention should be paid to the threats that are prioritized.

The Employee's Role in Food Defence
The awareness of food defence depends primarily on the employee's attention and their commitment to defense measures.

Traceability in the Food Chain
The technical solutions for traceability must be integrated with the physical control.

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