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Warehousing, Distribution and Delivery

Managing demands to provide products

The prime purpose of an organization is to serve its customer. Distribution and delivery variables are parts of the planning, sourcing and procurement processes. How to get the products into the hands of customers is what distribution and delivery is all about.

The objective is to find the structure that provides the lowest total distribution costs for a specified supply service. Last-mile delivery is defined as the last link of the delivery process. This link, where and when to pick up the parcel, is becoming more important than ever due to the surge of online orders.

Objectives: The purpose of the course is to provide insights into the complex environment of changing demand when managing the flow of information and goods between suppliers, retailers and online shoppers.

Level: Advanced, you should have basic knowledge in the area.

Training Method: Warehousing, Distribution and Delivery is a Module course and is studied over the internet via our e-learning platform Instant education. Read more about the training method here.

Course Length:Approximately 6 hours active study time.

Price: 70 EURO / student
78 USD / student

Prices excluding VAT.
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Online price:

55 EURO / student
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Course contents:

Demand Management
Demand management is the function of recognizing and managing all demand for products.

Decision Levels of Supply Chain Activities
SCM comprises three decision levels of activities that different parts of the company will focus on.

Delivery and Distribution
How to get the products and services into the customers’ hands.

Distribution and Outbound Flow
Distribution deals with the outbound flow of materials.

Distribution Management
In order to gain better control over their operations, one should recognize the importance of an integrated flow chain.

Physical Distribution System
There are interrelated activities that affect customer service and the cost of providing it.

Warehouse Location
Warehouse location is a joint designation for the activities involved in the long-term planning of a distribution system.

Main Processes in Warehousing
Each warehouse has three main processes plus an administration process.

Retail Distribution Models
The core activity in retail distribution is the daily or weekly delivery.

Retail Distribution Center
A modern distribution center is essentially an operation center managing flows of goods.

E-commerce and Logistics
There are some principal types of e-commerce depending on the type of supplier and customer involved.

Delivery Methods in E-commerce
Online shoppers want to choose where and when to pick up the parcel.

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