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Courses in Supply Chain Management

Meeting the customer’s needs

Companies today hardly operate independently but rather in an integral chain of operations, which involves various actors. The concept of supply chain is about managing coordinated information and material flows, plant operations and logistics.

The fundamental premise of this philosophy is synchronisation within and between various supply chain members. This is coordinated controls of making supply meet demand.

We have the following courses in the subject Supply Chain Management:


Aggregate Supply Chain Planning 
Coordinated control of making supply meeting demand.

Basic Demand Planning 
To project aggregate demand for production planning.

Basic Supply Service 
Meeting the customer’s needs.

Design of Logistics Concepts for Efficient Supply Chains 
Designing Products from a Logistic Perspective .

Logistics and Supply Chain 
Managing demand and product flows in a supply chain network.

Tailoring the Supply Chain to Customer Needs 
Meeting customers satisfaction in highly demanding markets.

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