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Courses in Purchasing

Balancing Supply and Demand

Purchasing is the "process of buying". Many assume that purchasing is solely the responsibility of the purchasing department. However, the function is much broader and, if it is carried out effectively, involves all departments in the company.

Purchasing and materials supply greatly influences the balance between demand and supply in a company.

Knowledge in technology, law, logistics and economy is combined with business negotiations to achieve a whole that works for both customer and supplier.

We have the following courses in the subject Purchasing:


Basic Purchasing 
Establishing the flow of materials into the company.

International Purchasing 
How to purchase in a one-world market.

Introduction to International Purchasing 
Purchasing on a global market.

Operational Purchasing 
Purchasing of goods and services in a cost effective way.

Purchase Planning 
To participate in company forecasting and planning.

Purchasing and Supplier Planning 
The daily work of purchasing.

Purchasing and Supply 
An important part of a company.

Purchasing in Evolution 
To operate in a one-world market.

Risk Management of Supplier Network 
Managing supply chain risks.

Strategic Purchasing 
Design of internal and external policies.

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