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Courses in Warehouse & Distribution

Achieving the Best Customer Service

Good inventory management is essential since it is responsible for planning and controlling inventory from the raw material stage at a company to the inventory of delivered finished goods.

Handling warehousing has become a prioritized area since the warehouse has a major influence on the costs for logistics and the performance of customer service.

Focus is rather put on a fast flow than in extensive warehousing.

We have the following courses in the subject Warehouse & Distribution:


Basic International Transport Law 
The transport law is an important part of international trade..

Distribution and Logistics 
The logistic chain of transportation from producer to consumer.

Introduction to Inventory Management 
Inventories decouple supply and demand.

Introduction to Transport Law 
International regulations for global transport of goods.

Inventory Management 
Planning and controlling inventory effectively.

Managed Packaging for Supply Chain  
To stand up to impacts along the supply chain.

Packaging for Distribution and Shipping 
Understanding how packaging systems and logistics systems interact .

Physical Supply and Distribution 
Moving goods in the distribution chain.


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