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User Agreement

Gothia Logistics AB, corporate identification number 556591-7001, works with organization development, consulting, leadership development and networking. Contact information can be found at the end of this document.

Personal integrity

We always defend your personal integrity. We always prioritize protecting the information you entrust us with and naturally we follow the laws and rules concerned with protecting your integrity. Only a limited number of people with special clearance have access to this information. This information is necessary in order for the student to utilize Instant Education and its functions.

We will never sell any personal information. We use all the reasonable precautions to keep the information given to us by our students secret and we cannot be held responsible for any kind of trespassing in the security system used to protect the above mentioned information.

The personal information that you submit when filling out a form (for example when starting a course) on our homepage or that is registered in connection therewith is processed by us for preparation and administration of the service in question.

We have the right to publish non-traceable personal information and statistics based on all or some of our students' study results and study habits on the internet or in print. This information can also constitute the basis for marketing and customer analyses as well as business and methods development. This information can, within the terms of valid security regulations, also be handled by other companies, which is required for management and maintenance of our services.

We can hand over statistic information from third party outside the EU/EES for marketing and marketing research purposes. However, this information will not be traceable to the individual.


Instant Education and Gothia Logistics' homepage use cookies to collect visitors' statistics. No other cookies are used. If you don't accept cookies being stored on your computer you can turn this off in your browser.

Studying with Gothia Logistics

Gothia Logistics stores your personal information in a data base. We log your study results and study patterns. If you want us to erase your personal information when you have finished your studies, please contact us.

Gothia Logistics can, based on your study results and study patterns, contact you to discuss your studies. We also have the right to contact you via email and telephone regarding information about your course when we find necessary.

Gothia Logistics does not reveal personal information, study results or study patterns to third party. Superiors at the same company as you may, however, take part of your study results and study patterns.

Gothia Logistics sends a course certificate when course is finished to the address that the student submitted when registering his/her account unless otherwise is agreed upon. However, Gothia Logistics can keep a certificate from being sent until the course has been paid for.

Gothia Logistics cannot be held responsible if practical use of course material from Gothia Logistics and Instant Education results in personal injury and/or poor and/or disadvantageous results.

Gothia Logistics may close student's course account if the invoice for the course has not been paid by its due date.

Your rights and obligations:

Students may not submit incorrect information when registering a course account.

Student may not create an account without the direct or indirect approval of Gothia Logistics.

Student may not copy, sell or distribute any material from Instant Education or material belonging to courses from Gothia Logistics.

Student may print the course/courses for personal use during the study period but may not copy or print course material and distribute within a company without written agreement from Gothia Logistics AB.

A course account may not be used by more than one student without additional charge. A course fee does only allow access to a course for one student.

Students have access to their course for 6 months from registration date of the course account. When time is up, accessing a course will be impossible.

Gothia Logistics have the right to close a course account if a student violates any of the above mentioned rules.

By creating a course account the user is considered to approve of this agreement.

Contact information:
Gothia Logistics AB
Repslagaregatan 12
SE-602 32 Norrköping
Phone: +46-11-21 93 24

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